Wednesday 7 November 2012

MYP Design Pilot

This year, I am officially participating in the pilot program for the new MYP Design curriculum.  I have been unofficially taking part and working with the documents for a couple of years already (thanks to a friend that shared what was happening at his school), but this year, there is a lot of new stuff and now I am in contact with everyone else in the program and things are a whole lot better.  I am not able to talk a lot about it as we have been asked not to share any of our work publicly until the pilot is over in February.  That being said, I can safely say that most people will be very pleased with the changes.  There is a lot more alignment with the PYP and DP, including more consistent use of the Command Terms across all subjects and more focus on Concepts.  By calling the new program 'Design', it is clear that the emphasis is on process rather than product and the new Design Cycle lends itself more easily to a wider variety of projects, from food to ICT.  I am sharing all of my units on my google apps site ( and I hope that people find this useful.  After a compete renovation of the program here at HKA, all of these units are brand new and very much works-in-progress.  Since I am sharing them publicly, I have had to remove the rubrics and a few other things for the time being.  But please feel free to send me any feedback on what you see.  At the moment, some of them are still using the terminology from the previous set of documents but as I move along, things will start to reflect the new language.

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