Monday 13 May 2013

2-page spread

Recently, I have been working on a picture book that I plan to self-publish through a print-on-demand service.  I want to share my experience so you can expect some extensive posts in the near-future where I will explain the process that I went through.

For the time being however, I am posting a couple of pages from the book to get some advice on formatting. It seems that most POD services will reject any pages where a text element goes across a 2-page spread. I am posting this picture here to ask for some advice from the community.

1 and 2
The above image is two separate pages while one below is a 2-page spread.

This is a jpg created from the original CMYK Photoshop file.

For this one, I changed the Photoshop file to RGB before exporting.

Obviously, the colours for the third are what I was going for.  The second is off by quite a bit.  This is something I need to learn more about.  What I understand so far is that RGB is for screens (Red, Green and Blue being the 3 primary colours when looking at light) while CMYK is for print.  Nevertheless, when I printed this on paper, the CMYK version still looked too saturated compared to the RGB version.

I completed the book and published it successfully in both print and digital formats. I am now maintaining as a site to promote my books (the next one is nearly complete) and using for showcase and sharing my professional work. Please have a look at if you want to learn more.

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