Thursday 27 May 2010

Handhelds in the Classroom

I just attended a workshop for educators that are interested in implementing handheld devices in the classroom. Unfortunately, I came away with the same feeling that I went in with. I did not see any applications what weren't just a crippled version of something that would work much better on a larger device. These were tech nerds with a deep, personal interest in education and looking for ways to meld their two loves together. And I really came away with nothing. If anything, it was a reminder of how much of my own time I waste screwing around with my phone. If my productivity has increased, it has been balanced out with dumb stuff. For the classroom, give me a class of netbooks any day.
That being said, Apple will be giving us a class set of iPod Touch devices for the Flat Classroom conference that we are hosting next year. Apparently, we get them for a whole year, so I am hoping something will change my mind. I don't want to turn my nose up at a good thing. Any thoughts?

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